Friday, February 5, 2016


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For Sister-in-law's wedding Mini Man was asked to be ring bearer.  In the interest of saving money I opted to make his outfit rather than buy something.  Sister-in-law sent me a pic of ring bearers wearing suspenders and bow-ties.  She wanted neutral colors.

From there I searched my collection of patterns and ordered fabric.  The pants were made using Blank Slate's Coastal Cargos.  I used stretch twill in khaki and omitted the cargo pockets as well as the bias tape on the seams.  It has a zip fly (not faux fly) with elastic in the back of waistband.  I made the elastic adjustable rather than sewing it in.  I also omitted the belt loops.

The shirt was made using Blank Slate's Prepster Pullover.  I used white shirting fabric that has a slight diagonal print from the weaving.  I changed the collar from a mandarin to a foldover collar.  This should have been an easy change but my brain wasn't working very well when I worked on it, apparently.   I had to re-do the collar no less than 3 times (and lots of swearing).   It ended up well.

I made Little Man an outfit too because he was going to be at the wedding as well so he needed something nice to wear.  He ended up walking down the aisle with Mini Man so it's good he dressed up.  His pants are the same as Little Man's.  

His cardigan was made using my t-shirt pattern.  To convert the t-shirt pattern to a cardigan I cut the front piece in half (so there are two sides) then cut a v-neck.  The whole thing was shortened so that I could add the ribbing on the bottom.  I used a light-weight sweatshirt fleece for the cardigan and interlock for the ribbing.

Their hats were made using this free pattern from Waffle Patterns.  The free pattern is sized for adults.  I set my printer to smaller percentage to get a smaller size.  It seemed to work pretty well.  Before I made this hat I would have called it a newsboy hat.  However when I was looking for hat patterns I discovered that newsboy hats are different.  They are rounder.  These are flat caps.  The fabric is some sort of stretch bottom-weight.  I only had a half-yard scrap of it.  I think the rest were used to make pants at some point.

Mini Man's bow-tie was made using the same fabric as the hats.  I didn't use a pattern.  The suspenders were also an experiment.  I used gray elastic and suspender clips.  They aren't adjustable so I guess you could argue they aren't true suspenders.

They wedding was fun and the boys had a great time.  The first thing Mini Man said when he woke up the next day was, "Mom that wedding was really fun."


Monday, January 18, 2016

Black, White, and Gray Quilt

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Husband's sister got married at the end of last year.  Obviously I made them a quilt.  I asked Sister-in-law what colors/patterns she liked.  She likes neutrals and simple patterns.  She specially told me black, white, and gray.


I debated for awhile what to do and in the end decided half-square triangles (HST) would be simple, but not boring.  I decided to make large-scale HST in an effort to speed up the process (I was in a bit of a time crunch.  I made this the week before Christmas).  As a result of the large-scale blocks I thought it would be best to use solids.  Also it would satisfy her requests - neutral and simple.

I had all the solids in my stash.  The white is a cream (I'm not sure why I had it) and the rest are a variety of grays and black.  I tried to go from dark to light from the bottom right up to the top left.  

I straight-line quilted using a wavy stitch on my machine.  I varied the wave length of the stitch between row.  I like how it looks.  

Quilt back
It is back with black-and-white circles and bound with the same.

Overall  I find this quilt under-whelming.  It's not my favorite.  It took me a while to figure out why, but I think it is the cream that I really don't like.  I think it would have looked better with white.  The cream next to black looks dingy to me.  I also think it would have been better if I had stuck with just two colors, black and white, black and gray, or gray and white.  I think I missed the mark a bit on the black to light gray.

Quilt front
Maybe next time.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas Jammies, Part 2

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Here are Husband's and my Christmas jammies:

I made Husband and myself a pair of Brassie Joggers pants by Greenstyle Creations.  

Husband's Pants

This was the first time I've used this pattern and was happy with it for most part.  The pattern description mentions the pattern being adaptable for men.  It comes in two rises (mid and low-rise) and 8 sizes.  I made the largest size and mid-rise for Husband.  I'm not sure this pattern works very well for a man.  In my experience most unisex pattern are sized for a man (long and wide crotch, large arm circumference, long arm scythe, etc.) and then scaled down.  When I sew a unisex pattern for myself it often doesn't fit well and needs quite a bit of alterations.  This pattern seems to be sized for a women and then scaled up in size for men.  Hopefully that makes sense.  I really like the pattern for myself; not so much for Husband.  They are a bit tight on him (could be his massive runner's thighs) and are not something he should wear outside the house.  The fabric is stretchy enough so they are still comfortable for him and he does wear them.  

Husband's pants

My pants

I made his pants using light-weight French terry.  Husband is really weird about his legs getting too hot and is often wearing shorts in the winter.  The fabric has a nice stretch to it.  The waistband is rib-knit and has a casing sewn in for cording.  I really like how this looks.  

I used my overlock stitch (on my new sewing machine) on the pockets and waistband.  I really like how the stitch looks.  I had a bit of trouble using this stitch.  I ended up using disolvable stabilizer on the fabric to prevent stretching. 

I also used the overlock stitch on the inseam and cuff seams.   

My pants

For my pants I used cotton sweat-shirt fleece.  I wanted something warmer than French Terry for the winter.  The pattern fit me very well and I didn't need to alter the size at all (win).  Sometimes sweat-pants  patterns get really baggy in the hip and crotch area on me.  That's part of the unisex-pattern problem I have.  

For Husband I made him plain t-shirt using the Tahoe Men's Tee by Peekaboo Pattern Shop.  I used a scrap of the Star Wars fabric as the pocket.  This pattern was pretty straight-forward and fits nicely.

For myself I splurged on a cut of Art Gallery New York Circuit Ashen in jersey.  Its not Star Wars, but the gold reminded me of C3PO.  Yes, that's a bit of a stretch.  I used the free Plantain Tee pattern from Deer and Doe.  

I like how my shirt turned out and I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing it as an every-day shirt rather than a pj shirt.


Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas Jammies

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This year I didn't make much for Little Man and Mini Man.  Partly because we were trying to cut back on Christmas gifts and only give a few things that mean a lot and partly because much of my sewing time in December was taken up in the preparation for Husband's Sister's wedding at the end of the month.  More on that later.

The one thing I did make was Christmas jammies.  That is one of my favorite Christmas traditions.  After dinner on Christmas Eve the kids (usually parents too) put on their new jammies and we all watch a Christmas movie then off to bed before Santa arrives.


Last year we during Winter Break we watched all six Star Wars movies.  We planned on doing that again this year (as well as see the new movie), so I though Star Wars jammies would be appropriate.


I was excited when I found fabric with the Star Wars logo on them.  They actually have "The Force Awakens" in between Star and Wars.  It is a bit hard to see in the photo.  We wanted to see the new movie over the break (We did.  It was awesome) so I thought it would be fun to use fabric with the new movie's logo.  The fabric is quilting cotton with rib-knit for the cuffs and waistband.  I used the Night Fox Pants pattern from Puperita.  


I used my Ringer Tee pattern for the shirts.  I used a plain stripe jersey and cotton ribbing on the cuffs and neckband.  


The kids love their Star Wars jams and had several jammie days (and light saber battles) over the break.  

I'll post more on Husband's and my clothes later after I get better pictures.

May the Force be with you.


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas Presents for the Fam

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Did you have a nice Christmas and break?  Ours was fast and slow at the same time and involved a trip to visit family, a family wedding, and lots of Star Wars watching.  It was a nice break, but I feel like we needed a vacation after our vacation to recover.  

I made small gifts for all our nieces and nephews.  

For the littlest ones (ages 0-2) I made owl softies.  I used this free pattern from Hammer & Thread.   

I included a book with each owl. 

For the the middle-aged kids (ages 3-6) I made ninja masks and included ninja books.  I used this free pattern from Make It Love It.  I've used it before.

The oldest kids (ages 13-16) got slouchy hats.  I used this free pattern from Imagine Gnats.

How were your holidays?