Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Seuss Quilt No. Three

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Mini Man recently moved from his crib to the bottom bunk (Little Man moved to the top).   For Christmas I made him a quilt to celebrate using his big-boy bed.   


Little Man's winter quilt (Seuss quilt #1, Seuss quilt #2 can be seen here) has a Cat in the Hat theme.  I wanted to keep Mini Man's quilt similar.  

I actually finished the blocks for this quilt in 2012.  After I completed Little Man's quilt, I ended up with enough fabric leftover to make a second quilt.  Little Man was sleeping in the bunk-bed and I knew Mini Man would eventually get there too.  I never thought it would take me this long to piece the top and quilt it!

The blocks on this quilt are more Dr. Seuss in general rather than specifically The Cat in the Hat.  Each block was made using in a scrappy-improv fashion then trimmed to 15.5".  There are also nine squares that are solid pieces of print (rather than pieced).  There are 35 squares and the quilt measure roughly 80"x 90".

The quilt didn't take long to piece and quilt.  I kept the quilting to 4" diamonds.  The quilt was rather large and difficult to quilt with my small-ish machine.  

After piecing the top I wasn't too sure about the placement of the blocks.  The whole thing just felt too busy.  It has grown on me, however and I'm really starting to like it.  I think for Dr. Seuss, busy works.  

I backed it with flannel from the Robert Kauffman Seuss fabric line.  The flannel was very thick which makes the quilt warm and snuggly (perfect for winter).  

Now to start on a quilt for Mini Man to use in the summer!


Friday, January 23, 2015

Knit Stripe Elf Hats

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For Christmas I wanted to knit the boys elf hats.  I used this free pattern by Red Heart for a Santa hat.  Instead of following the pattern I knit the hats from the bottom up rather than the top down.  I prefer to decrease stitches rather than increase.  

After I decided on the pattern and style of hat it took me forever to decide on yarn.  I originally purchased an acrylic yarn that was advertised as no-pill.  I usually don't like artificial fibers, but it was soft and the no-pill idea was appealing.  After using the yarn for half a hat I decided I hated it.  The yarn seemed thin for worsted weight and I kept splitting it.  It was a pain to use.  I ended up buying wool yarn.  I thought cotton wouldn't be warm enough.  

This was my first time knitting a hat in the round.  I'm not sure why I'd never done it before.  It was so much easier than knitting flat and sewing up the back.  It was also my first time knitting stripes in the round.  I watched a few video tutorials to help make the stripes jogless (it took me a few rounds of the blue hat to figure it out).  These two are the best.  I also learned how to carry the yarn from one row to the next.  In the past I would have thought to break the yarn after every color change and would have ended up with a ton of yarn ends to bury.  What a mess.  I'm glad I figured that out.

You can see how the lines of color don't match up on the first few rows.  

I made the red hat second and was able to make the whole thing jogless.  If you look close, however, you can still see where each row starts.  

Unfortunately, neither kid likes his hat.  Little Man doesn't like his because it is too itchy and Mini Man doesn't like his because, "it keeps falling down!"  I'm still not sure what he means by that.  Fortunately I made the adult size (for my massive headed children) so maybe I'll use the hats when its cold.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Red Cargo Pants, Alphabet Tees, and A Skeleton Shirt.

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I love making clothes for my boys.  This year, they haven't needed a ton of stuff so I limited myself to just one outfit for Christmas.  

I started by making red twill pants.  Red is Little Man's favorite color.  Mini Man doesn't have a favorite color yet, but likes red because his brother does.  I used the Field Trip Cargo Pants pattern by Oliver+S.  

I have used this pattern before (last year for the birthday outfits) and love it.  I opted not to add the cargo pockets on these, however.  I thought it would be too much. 

I made long-sleeved t-shirts using a black-and-white alphabet print.  I used my Ringer Tee pattern.  For Mini Man's shirt I used red ribbing on the collar and cuffs.  For Little Man's shirt I used black ribbing on the collar and omitted the ribbing on the cuffs.  

I also made Little Man a skeleton shirt to go over the alphabet shirt.  I didn't make one for Mini Man because I knew he wouldn't want to wear it.  Little Man spied the skeleton fabric (same fabric used on the Pirate Pillows) in my sewing room and begged for something to be made from it.  I used the Henry Shirt pattern from Sewing for Boys by Shelly Figueroa.


I've been wanting to make the Henry Shirt since I first got the book (three years ago).  I finally decided to try it with the skeleton fabric.  After reading reviews online I decided to make the shirt in the next size down (size 2/3) with the length of his current size.  The pattern runs wide and Little Man is a skinny kid.  Seeing it on him I am glad I sized down.   It is still boxy, but I think it looks good.  I used pearl snaps instead of buttons because I thought they would be easier to close.  

Unfortunately, Little Man doesn't like the shirt.  For whatever reason, he hates buttons.  I thought really cool fabric might help him get over his aversion.  I was wrong.  Sigh.  He wore it long enough to humor me for photos and it hasn't left his drawer since.

I liked the pattern.  The yoke and sleeves are one piece.  The skeleton fabric is a bit stiff so it made the yoke/sleeve piece a bit of a challenge to work with.  Other than that, it came together nicely.  For the accent pieces (sides, and button strip) I used plain black.    

At least they like the shirts and pants.


Friday, January 16, 2015

Pirate Pillows

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We recently rearranged the boys' room.  We took Mini Man's crib down and both boys now sleep in the bunk bed.  Putting the crib away freed up a lot of space and I turned one corner of the room into a reading nook.  Before Christmas all that the nook consisted of was a book case and a rug.  If the boys wanted to read in the nook they took the pillows from their bed to sit on.  

Pillow A Front
Pillow A Back
For Christmas I made the boys each a floor pillow to use in the reading nook.  We sit on them every night when we read before bed.  I'm happy with them.

Pillow B Front

Pillow B Back
I made massive 24" pillows and used the adorable Out to Sea fabric collection by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller.  Really, this project was an excellent excuse to buy the fabric.   The pirates are so cute!  I also made the pirate dolls with this fabric. 

Pillow A Front

Pillow A Back
It took me a while to decide how to how to piece the pillow fronts.  In then end I decided on large-ish blocks to show off the prints.  I added a small three-inch 'X' block to each because 'X' marks the spot.  I used this free tutorial by Pile O' Fabric.  My only regret is the placement of the 'X' on pillow B.  It is on the bottom right and is hard to see when the pillow form is in the pillow.  

Pillow B Front

The pillow backs are envelope-style with the map print (from the collection).  That is one of my favorites.  I used a skeleton print on the top part to reference the Jolly Roger.  

I quilted 1" squares in red thread on the front and the back.  I'm not sure what thread I should have used, but I think the red was a bit too distracting.  Especially over the stripes and the map.  

Pillow A Back
I used red to on the binding.  I love the pop on the edges.  

Pillow B Front

Pillow B Back

The pillows have been used quite a bit since Christmas.  I'm a little surprised at how much they boys liked them.  At age 5 and 2 how exciting is a pillow?  Very, apparently.


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sock Creatures

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Every year Husband's office sponsors a family for Christmas.  This year I got in on the action and made some sock creatures to give to the kids.  The family that was assigned to them this year has three kids: one boy, one girl, and a baby girl.  

I used fuzzy slipper-socks for all three creatures and tried to make each one different. 

The baby girl got pink with polka dots.  I used safety eyes and didn't use any buttons or other choking hazards.  I also only added one tooth to the mouth. 

The big sister got aqua with teal stripes and a flower button on the belly.  There are two arms and legs, but the arms are significantly longer than the legs.  

The brother got green with a mustache button.  

These were fun to make and I hope the kids enjoyed them.  


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pirate Dolls

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For all my little nephews and one little niece  I made dolls using the Knox and Nelly pattern by Bit of Whimsy.  I also made two for my boys.

I added the included eye-patch for the boy dolls and used Out to Sea fabric by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller Fabrics.  I specifically bought the fabric for these dolls.  I love the pirates!

The girl doll was made using Hello Kitty fabric.  It is the same fabric I used to make her dresses for her birthday.  I added a winking eye to the girl doll instead of an eye patch.  I think the wink is cute.

I tried to make the dolls look similar to the child that was receiving it.  And to make the sibling pairs similar.  

Sewing six dolls was a bit time consuming.  It is the stuffing and embroidery that takes the most time.   I was planning to make a couple extra for a donation, but was so tired of dolls at that point.  I ended up making something else.  

My boys have had fun with their dolls.  They especially like the eye patches.  


Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas Jammies and Slippers

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Christmas is over and I'm enjoying my craft break.  I finished the last Christmas present on the 23rd and haven't been doing much since then.  It's been nice and I'm having a hard time motivating myself to do anything.  January seems to be that way for me.  So for now enjoy all the projects I made for Christmas starting with our Christmas jammies.

I made matching thermal shirts for all four of us.  I used Simplicity 9499 sewing pattern for Husband's shirt and pants.  I used New Look 6230 sewing pattern for my shirt and Ladies Skinny Pants by Jocole for my pants.  I added ribbed cuffs on the bottom of my pants.  

The kids shirts were made using my Ringer Tee shirt pattern and the leggings were made using a pattern I drafted.  The boys pant were made using a double-sided interlock.  There is a subtle stripe to the fabric.  Husbands pants were made with plain black jersey and mine were made with another double-sided interlock.  My pants have polka-dots.

The boys also got dragon slippers made using this tutorial by Made by Rae.  

I used fleece scraps and didn't have enough of one color.  That is why the lining is different colors for each pair.  I wasn't sure how much the slippers were going to be worn, so I didn't want to spend money on more fleece.  They haven't been wearing them much, so I'm glad I stuck with scraps.

R2D2 hopes you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year!